Roman Padilla

  • Artist, Teacher & Change Agent
  • Portland, OR

A Bay Area artist, who relocated to Portland in 2014 and grew up in the beautiful area of Monterey California, with an emphasis on bridging gaps between communities. Seeing a strong connection between art, food, music and dance, Roman focuses on the intersections between culture and the disparities caused by globalization and industrialization. He uses found objects and mixed media to convey images of extreme dichotomies and balance. The struggle between Urban and Nature is a central theme in all of his work. By reclaiming materials from these environments to depict visual representations of growth and decay and incorporating them into his work, he creates poignant contrasts and feelings of hope and tension simultaneously.

His primary influences are local artists with whom he has had personal interaction with: Hugo McCloud, Kebe Konte, Amanda Williams, Damon Soule and Aaron De La Cruz. He is mostly impacted by the process of making art and is influenced by artists who try to reflect and inspire issues of community. Roman Padilla studied at The California College of the Arts and Crafts and graduated with a BFA in Community Art. Here he developed a distinct passion for making art that impacts culture and was mentored by Raymond Saunders, Kieth Williams and Sonia BasSheva MaƱjon.

"I want my work to make people think and be beautiful at the same time; in the sense that it evokes strong emotions that resonate with the human spirit and challenge our notions of life and art".

Roman is deeply influenced by music, food, wine and underground counter culture. He hopes to synthesize these influences into a single expression of his personal art by starting progressive art and cultural events that push beyond normal boundaries.

Roman has a strong conviction that art has inherent social responsibilities and likewise is committed to art education as a means to give back. He teaches in various group and individual settings to adults and youth, who span the spectrum from the untrained beginner to the inspired artist. His belief that we are all "artist" in someway or another is the driving force behind his unique teaching Pedagogy. Challenging notions of what art really is. Whether students identify as an "artist" or "not" the result and focus is to merely see things differently and express voice freely.


BFA Community Art at California College of the Arts

Oakland, CA


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